I’m a proud Jew! But do I really need the Torah???

I’m a proud Jew! But come on, do we really need the Torah???

Of course we do!!! It’s a gift from Hashem!

And, after all, that’s what makes me Jewish. My great great, great…grandparents accepted the Torah at Mount Sinai from G-d and passed it on to me. That makes me Jewish.

I know that, and it’s wonderful. It’s a huge gift and I’m thankful.  But, for a moment, can I just ask WHY?

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Fan the 🔥 flames!

I never quite got what all the excitement is about?!

Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m excited, everyone is excited, especially here in Israel the whole country is literally counting the days towards Lag B’Omer. And then when the night finally arrives the whole place is totally on fire!!!

Excuse the pun.
But why?

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Tonight’s NIGHT ACTIVITY is…. Cleaning With Meaning!

I know you might think it’s funny, but, YES, we actually DO have Night Activity in our home. It’s not every night but, with a house full of teenagers, (plus a bunch of teenage wannabes) we like to keep everyone as happy as we can, at home! So, I try to encourage all sorts of fun activities. There’s, skits, ice cream sundays, water fights, dress up, prank calls, anything to keep them safely laughing.

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Why do Chesed? Sometimes it’s just too much!

Chesed is nice, doing good deeds is nice, like really nice. But let’s get realistic. We are not responsible for the world. In fact we are not even responsible for our own communities. In truth Hashem runs the world, not me.

And guess what? I’m tired.

So why help so many people constantly? Why should I always be pushing myself when I am not responsible for the world and I do NOT have to do it!?

Is it really worth ‘being pushed out of our comfort zone?’
Let me give you an example….

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“So, how are ‘the boys’ doing??”

If I had a dollar for every concerned woman who asked about ‘the boys’, I would be a very rich woman!

It’s not easy raising children, and raising foster children, trust me, has its own set of challenges.

It’s been ten years since ‘My boys’ mother and brother died in a car accident. We’ve tried our best to give the boys our love, support and care, but it definitely hasn’t been easy.  But the other week something incredible happened that I must share with you all!

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Combating jealousy by receiving the Gifts!

When one friend drives by in her new car, and the other friend remodels her house, and when my third friend’s child gets into that top school….I feel that ting. Of course I don’t wish them bad, I just feel – oh how I wish I had that too, so I guess I am jealous.

Uch! Jealous is such an awful word.

But isn’t jealousy just a natural feeling? Well it could be. But you know what I don’t like it.

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